How can I import the openning balance of fixed asset in Axapta 2009?

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I’m a new AX. I have problem with import opening balance for fixed asset. Now, somebody ask me to use General Journal to import the net book value of fixed asset into system. But actually this is not correct. I need to manage the informations of asset acquisition, depreciation and net book value, so if I use general journal I can not manage these informations. Is there any way or any table need to update? Look forward to hearing from you soon.

I think you need to use a FixedAssets journal to post the aquisition and depreciation transactions…

Create financial periods for the dates where the acquisition is actually happened and then calculate the depreciation upto the date of opening balance entry…

I think this is one of the way for doing it…

let us see if some one comes with a better solution

Same answer as per the other posting:

Run it in as a general journal with AccountType=Fixed Assets and AssetTransType = Acquisition

Hi all,

Can you tell me what table should be used for template to import fixed asset master and what table should be used to import fixed asset openning balance? Thank you all.

for importing the fixedassets or ledger balances you need

ledgerjournalTable and ledgerJournalTrans

for importing fixed assets it depends what are all the detials you are going to import l(value models and other things)

Okie Kranthi,

Thank you for you advise.