How can i import csv file has unfixed filename?


i know we can import excel or csv file to ax. And i made upload process wih fixed file name like ABC.

but if file name has been changed with unfixed filename like ABC_20120220_1230_A1.csv.

how can i get this file and upload? do you guys have any information?

please give me some advise. thanks.

void GLUpload_Interface()

CommaIo asciiIo;

FileIOPermission fileIOPermission;

Container DetailBuffer;

Container DetailBuffer2;

COMVariant COMVariant;

str _filename;

str _moveFile;

str uploadPath, successPath, failPath;


_filename = TKR_FileTransferParameterSetup.GL_FileName;

uploadPath = TKR_FileTransferParameterSetup.GL_Upload;

successPath = TKR_FileTransferParameterSetup.GL_Success;

failPath = TKR_FileTransferParameterSetup.GL_Fail;

fileIOPermission = new

FileIOPermission(uploadPath + ‘\’ + _filename,SysDataExpImp::readWrite2Mode(ReadWrite::read));


asciiIo = new CommaIo(strfmt(’%1\%2’, uploadPath, _filename), “R”);

WinAPI api = new WinAPI();
str fileName;
int i;
[i,fileName] = WinAPI::findFirstFile("C:/Users/Public/Documents/Test/*.*");
   fileName = WinAPI::findNextFile(i);
  (Your code here)

very thank to you.

it works.