how can i get the value from a text box where place at form

Hi all,

i am the new hand of NAV , and my company is using NAVision SP 5.1 now.
Now i have design a form(form1) for listing some record of a table according the textbox(text1) which enter the value by the user! and i need to create the report with request form locate at the print button.

how can i get the value of text1 at the request form/option form ?


When you are placing textbox on the forms you have to give source expression as variable you delclared in the textbox properties.

When the user enter the value in the textbox then that value will get store in the particualr variable.



Amol ,

thx for your reply ! i had try to coding at OnInitReport() : FrDate := ShipmentOrder.CurrentDate

but … when i save the report, the NAV prompt me that :

You have specified an unknown variable.


Define the variable ubder 'Global C/AL symblos.

remarks : FrDate (Report’s Global Varable , Date) , ShipmentOrder ( Report’s Global Variable, Form , Delivery Order Form), CurrentDate (Form’s Global Variable, Date) ! which CurrentDate is the variable that declared in the textbox properities of Form (Delivery Order Form).

Have u use currentdate as variable in the report .If yes then u need to define that variable.



i had create the CurrentDate as variable in Report’s Global Variable , but … i didn’t know how to setting the Data Type ( Record, Form, Date …) ?

i had try FrDate := ShipmentOrder.GETRECORD(CurrentDate) , but NAV also prompt me the error message !

remarks : CurrentDate isn’t a record , it just a text that enter by the user to apply for the SETRANGE in Form1. and i have try the GETRANGEMAX() , GETRANGEMIN() and GETFILTER() , but … also fail !


thx for your reply , although i have solve the problem myself.