how can i filter the data when run xmlport, thanks!

hello everybody,

i’m using the xmlport, and i want to export a port of the table’s data, not the whole,

how can i filter the data in xmlport .


waiting for the answer…

Can you show the structure od your xmlport?

just set SourceTableView filter on the table which you want to export…

On your XMLPort Design select your line where you have defined your table as Datasource, press F9 and under Export::OnPreXMLItem() trigger of your XML Port, you can write the SETRANGE or SETFILTER.


yourtable.Setrange(ID, varMYID);

where varMyID is global variable

And on the XMPort you can have the function called SetIDFilter( MyID)

which assign, varMYID:=MYID

So when you execute the XMLPort, you can also define the filter by calling the function with variable ID you want to filter.

I hope you have understood my idea.