How can I delete old server names ?

Hello, I hope someone can help me.

When I open a database a get a list with Available Database Servers which also contains all my old databases which are already uninstalled.

I used the uninstallasservice but the names still appear in my list, both test from 5.0 as old from 3.60.

How can I delete these from my list ?

Are they still listed in your service list?

No, on the server they do not appear in the services anymore, also when I select one of the old I get a connection error.

If you are using a windows domain those connections are coming from active direction. I don’t remember excalvtly the place, but if you use a active directory editor you should be able to clean it.

Hi Fred,

Did you solve your problem?

Not yet, we passed it on to the company which maintains our environment. See if they can find it.

Hi Fred,

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The company which manages our network environment removed the old server names with an active directory editor.

Thanks for you help.