How can i create company in Dynamics NAV?


how can i create my first company

i already install dynamics, and when to logon… i fin the database demo sldemosystem bu cant logon… the table company is empty

After u create a database create a company inside by classic or development environment.


Hi Cesar,

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If you installed Dynamics NAV and are using the demo database which came with the installation, then you company table will not be empty, unless you deleted the “CRONUS” company.

There is basically two ways to start a new database and a new company. Either just use the default demo-database and just create the company using the “classic” client (NAV 2009 and previous) or the Development Environment (NAV 2013). Otherwise create a new database, again using either the classic client or the Development Environment. Not via SQL! When created you should restore the NAV backup (*.fbk) which is also part of the installation package. Just restore everything, including the CRONUS company. When create the company (File → Company → New).

My guess that you either created a new database with no data and objects. Or that you previously have used the demo database, where you might have setup your permissions without the SUPER permission group (or that someone else used the same database). As long as no users have been setup in a database, then everybody who logs in are assumed to have SUPER permissions, but if a user has been setup, then only this user has access.

When posting questions ALWAYS remember to write which version your problem is about (ex. NAV 2013) and which (if NAV 2009 and NAV 2013) which client you’re using.