How can I create a delivery note of sales order in AX2012

HI, Friends

I tried to create a invoice from a sales order in Ax2012 in Accounts receivable.

I have created a picking list, and I could not find the way to created a delivery note, so, Ax does not allow me to create a invoice against

that sales order.

Please help …

Many thanks

Jay Lee

From the sales order select the delivery note?

You could select the invoice unless your stock model group prevents the jump.

Thank you very much for that

I think I create a sales order first, and then go to “pick and pack”-----“Picking list”-------“Picking list Registration”-----start a picking route. And that’s it, I can not go any further from there. I tried to create a invoice against that sales order, but AX sais “item not delivered”.

So, please…

Thank you very much

Yes so you have the restrictions set on it being delivered to create an invoice, so you have to deliver it. On the same pick and pack screen there is a delivery note - run this and then invoice it. You have only picked it (assuming you have posted the registration) you have not told AX you have delivered it yet.

Cheers, Thank you very much for the help.