how can i configure the projects for the following scenario


In AX project module, how can i configure the projects for the following scenario:

There is a Project for Constructing a Residential tower consisting of 100 Apartments/Flats in it. I want to track each apartment uniquely and want to bill the customer for each apartment separately. how can i achieve this?

Each apartment is sold to an unique Customer, so i want to create the Tower as Contract and the Flats as Projects, (or… Tower as Project and Flats as sub-projects) the system is allowing me to select different unique customer to each of the project under one contract, but when i am billing the project, it bills the customer from the contract, not from the respective project.

how can i achieve this by other way, kindly suggests.

Invoice from the Project Details form it would allow you.

It dos’nt work. even if i select the customer from invoice proposal form, it allows to select different customer but when posting it takes the customer from contract.

I think you need to create a new project contract for that.


When you create a sub-projects under the projects for different customers to sell. You need to book an invoice under sub-projects.