How can I compile AOT automatically?

HI, dear All I want to compile my AOT every night 12:00 automatically,does anyone How can I do this? Thanks in advance!

Hi There is a startup command “compileall” which you can specify (look into help of AxConfig). With that, you could write a BAT that starts ax32 and run the BAT with task scheduler.

Thank you!! Helmut Wimmer,It is really work! Thank you very much! But I want to know how can I automatically logoin Axapta, I can write a bat file to start Ax32 and run it with task scheduler, but It can logoin automatically, how can I solve it?could you give some advice again? Thank you very any way! Andy.

Hi Andy, You can create a scheduled task by accessing “Start → All programs → Accessories → System Tools → Scheduled tasks”. Point the Scheduled Task Wizard to “Ax32.exe” that must be in your “client\bin directory” and enter details like user ID, password and time. Provided the details entered are correct, this should enable you to start Axapta at a pre-defined time. You can also skip Axapta login window by entering Network accout name available under Tools → Options → General Tab in Axapta. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

HI,Harish Thank you very much!! I am success!! I know how to set up automatally compile Axapta. Thanks for your kindly help again. Andy.Peng