how can i check price history on each product dynamic ax 2012 FP

hello everybody I have a question need your help please

i have one item need to update base sale price,but before I do that I need to insure … is there a history record in product option that show below questions:

when I update the price ?

what was the previous price ?

appreciate any reply or help

Dear Mohammad,

If you are using Purchase and sales trade agreement then you can get the history for the item, but if you are not using then you can see it if you have made purchase for the item from the purchase order and invoice for the same.

and if you have not done any of the way then you cannot get any history for the price of the items.

Have you enabled the Last price history in Inventory parameter?

If it is enabled it will store the historical prices, then you can look at the Item prices report in Inventory management (by selecting the costing type to Last Price)

Hi Kranti,

but this will work only for BOM items right.

can you give us more detail on this please

Try it sales price by enabling the parameter, i know it works for the purchase price.