How can I change the Unit Cost?

How can I change the Unit Cost on an item that has QOH=0. The average cost is being calculated at 330.25 whereas the actual cost is .04 per unit. There was a huge error in purchase receipts.

I did a spreadsheet that shows all of the entries done. This spreadsheet shows that we had 500 units and the total cost amount from value entry was $165121.8254 giving us an average cost of $330.24366. We did an entry to take out this inventory - -500 @ $330.24366. Now the spreadsheet says we have 0 quantity and 0 costs. The Item Card says we have 0 quantity at Unit Cost of $330.24366. Will that change automatically when we purchase more at .04?

The problem is that the wrong cost comes up when doing estimates. Is there a way to change the Unit Cost when QOH is zero?

Hi Westly,
Which version of NAV is this about? This problem was very common in the older versions. But still seems to surface even in the newer versions.

Sorry I missed your answer. We are using NAV 2013. We haven’t had a major problem like this again…so far…but it could come up again.