How can I change Modified value in Object table

Hi, all Does anybody know how can i change value modified in Object Designer from report or codeunit [?]

Hi I am not really sure if I get your question, anyway… If it just manual, you click twice the field Modified for the object that you want to change, once to activate the field, and a second time to change the value. If you want to reset all the modified flags of all objects then you need to design a new report with virtual table 2000000001 Object as dataitem and set the modified field to the value you want. Saludos Nils

You can’t change Modified property if you modify object. You can only export and import this object from original Attain database … but you will lose changes made to it.

If you are using SQL server option you can change it via Enterprise Manager. It’s also possible to export object to a text format and modify property “Modified” to “No” via any text editor.

Hi Fokin, in Object Designer you must first press F2 on the Modified field, then you can change it with the Space bar. For a few objects that’s ok, but for more objects you sould make a report like Nils says. br Josef Metz

Thanks all I solved this problem Report on table Object. Main task - check license permission to Object I check it in table 2000000043 License Permission: LicPerm.GET(Object.Type, Object.ID); IF LicPerm.“Modify Permission” = 1 THEN BEGIN Object.Modified := FALSE; Object.MODIFY; END; [:D]

Yess, that works [:0] But it’s dangerous [:p]