How can I automate exporting Sales Inquiry Report?

Dear all,

I want to automate below process.

I have never done any automation in NAV. I think I should use job scheduler for this automation.

Could anyone tell the possibility and how I can make it?

Process :

Export Sales Inquiry report (excel file) from NAV and save the excel file to a selected folder.

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Go to form in navigation pane

administration>>application Setup>>job queue>> JobQueue entries…

here you can schedule the event.

to define the path, specify it in the report and ask to save as using this code


Thanks a lot Melvin!!

Since I cannot access to NAV right now, I will follow your advice and reply you again.



Hi Kaz.

If you’re looking to automate you tasks to eliminate the repetition, be sure to also consider automation tools. I recommend Automation Anywhere.

Easy to use and not expensive. There’s a free trial version here:

Hope this helps.


Hi, Melvin

One mistake, Sales Inquiry is not REPORT, it was a FORM.

Could you tell me how to set it up again?

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HI, Tom

Thanks for your suggestion.

I will check it out.




Have you tried downloading the trial version yet? Let me know if you have any questions or feedback. I like to collect user experiences.