How can I auto refresh number of list pages in NAV 2015...

I want to auto refresh warehouse related (Picks, Put- away, approval entries). is there any in built functionality in 2015 to do this. OR can I use RefreshOnActivate propery…but I am not going to activate page manually. it should happen through coding

Hi Sambhaji5 (?),

This can be done yes. Either as you suggest when opening the page, or you could use the job secheduler to automate it.

But may I suggest that you start by reading [mention:b1a825430102410f95fd05934e14e136:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05]'s blog post about warehouse management. He has written a lot of great posts about the subject of optimizing the different processes. And regarding automating of shipments, then he has an example on how to create this for download for NAV 2015.