How Can I apply date range on Inventory report?

Hi All,

I want to apply date range on inventory report? I want to access all inventory transaction that happed in last month.

In short I want “Ledger of Inventory” for last month.

If anyone know the details on this plz let me know.




Which report do you want to modify date range? on which transaction?

Please give more details



Hi … In AX2012, for most standard reports you can use the advanced filtering query options.

On the report, click the select option, then in the criteria for date, enter range on reports.jpg date, followed by a double period … then the end date, hopefully the screen print below will help. range on reports.jpg

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your solution, I got it.

I just want to share how can I got that-

In Inventory Transtactin report form first we have to select:

  1. Table as Inventory transaction posting

  2. Field as a Date last

  3. Select thae start date seprated by … end date.

  4. click ok Report will come.