How can I apply an invoice to a credit memo which is a different amount?

Hi -

I have a credit memo for $10 and an invoice for $5. I have no other transactions to settle and want to apply the $5 invoice to the $10 credit memo thus reducing the credit memo amount. Is this possible?

Thanks for the help!

Hi Ben,

Yes, this is possible. It can be done on either vendor or customer transaction. I assume what you are asking is a customer transaction and both transactions are already posted. You can go to the Customer details form (AR or S&M module > Common > Customers > All customers) then switch to Collect tab > click Settle open transactions. This form lists all posted transactions that are not yet settled in any other transaction. Mark the Credit memo and the Invoice that you mentioned and click Update. As a result, the credit memo will have a balance of $5.

In addition, you may edit the amount to settle under Amount to settle field. Just make sure to mark the transaction before editing.

Hope it helps.



Fantastic guidance Lyza, worked perfectly.