How can I alter the menubar?

Hi, I want to add items to the menubar. I want for example add an item to the help-menu. How can i do this? Is this a form which i can find in the AOT? Is it a class? Somebody with a hint? Thanks! Regards, Michel

I may be wrong here. But I suspect these can be found under AOT → menu items. For ex - Calculator. If you look under Menu items → Action, you should be able to see ‘Calculator’ option. Say if you want to use other than standard calculator, you could mention the path of the new calculator (c:\program files\calculator.exe’) in Parameters property. Hope this helps Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Harish, I found the menu-item “calculator” under AOT → menu items The whole menu “Tools” can be found under AOT → Menus. There you can find it under “GlobalToolsMenu”. But that’s the only thing i can find. The help menu for example isn’t in that list (or i just looked over it). I now can add an item to the Tools-menu, so that’s ok, but i also want to add items to the help-menu. Thanks for the help! Regards, Michel