How can I add some orders and orderline!?


I need some guideline about hoe to add orders and the belonging orderlines.

I am going to use XMLPORT, my issue is the following:

What should be the format of XML doc/file that I made for my orders and orderlines?

I tried to look in existing XMLPORT n my test database but I can’t find any thing useless, may b I am BLIND?

Can the same XMLdoc including several orders and theirs orderlines!?

I wonder if I can use the XMLPORT “Inbound Sales Order” as a template for my purpose?

In application designers guide you have tutorial on XMLPorts. That tutorial is about importing sales order lines.
Also check dataport 99008514 - Inbound Sales Order

Hi Nuno,

I think you mead XMLPORT InboundSalesOrder, am I right?

I have seen this one and I wonder how can I put several orderline for the same order, as I see for the XMLtree for this XMLPORT, I can only put one orderline, is it right or I am wrong!?