How can I add multiple range in AOT query range node?

I have two fields. Say Field1 and Field2.

Field1 having data like A, B, C, D, E

Field2 having data as checkbox.

so i want to develop AOT query in which filter should be like this A, B, C, D all should be false and E should be true.

How can I design range node for this query.

If I understood you correctly, then the solution would be:

Just drag your table in AOT query datasource and then expand this datasource node .

Then, drag field2 under Range node and go to field2 under range node. Set Value property to 1.

Now, use this query as a datasource for any form.

If you have other queries, do reply…


In AOT Expand Query Node as u mention

We have two fields in Fields under Datasource

Now ready to add ranges as for our requirement

when value is 0 … take as …

when value is 1 …

this quey used as datasource for reports or Forms

Hope it will correct or help