how can hit vendor ledger entry before invoice ?

When purchase order is completed, i like to hit the vendor ledger entry and detail vendor ledger entry and G/L entry table as Document type is Payment. It Shows on Vendor Balances in Vendor Card.
It Create one vendor Ledger entry and one detail vendor ledger entry and two G/L entry.

When i create invoice of that Purchase Order then it Clear the vendor Balance with documnet type Invoice y in all three tables.

Where can i do changes to achive this. Can you explain me in Detail

like Which Code Unit 12 Gen. Jnl.-Post Line. and Where can i do the changes for that code unit.



What version are you running on?

If 5.0 or greater then you could use the standard pre-payments to handle this without coding.

Just to be sure about what you are trying to achieve.

Can you explain what balance you have on which account before/after each posting you are referring to?

There are several interpretations possible for your question !

I would like to insert balance in vendor account and its balancing account in GL, but before invoice and when invoice is generated then its cleare the vendor balance with invoice. can u expalin in details.


I am using ver 5.0 and 5.1

I don’t want to use prepayments.

can u give me the example code about code unit 12 where i do change to make it happen

Can you please tell us more about why you want to make this change so we can provide potential solutions.

Can you please explain at what time you want to create the balance at the vendor account?

Is it a week before or so? Why do you want to create this balance? Is it because the payment happens upfront?

when purchase order is created Like

One Purchase Header have 5 Puchase Line

I pay one purchase line rather the full payment of purchase order.

when i pay the rest of purchase line or all purchase line is paid then create Invoice. After invoice generate its Clear the balance Zero of vendor.


Wait, when do you receive the invoice from your vendor and what exactly is invoiced out of your 5 lines on the invoice?

Do you receive one invoice at the end of all transaction for all of the lines ? In that case what you want is the classic prepayment functionality. So why don’t you want to use that functionality as provided in NAV?