How are line item discounts and invoice discounts applied?


I was wondering how line item discounts are applied to orders. For example, if I have an order for 25 widgets that totals $50, but I apply a line item $25 discount, then I ship 10 widgets. What is the remaining balance on the order? Does it show $30 balance with at $15 dollar discount left or something else? I want to ensure that the discount is properly applied to each item.

Also, if I added a G/L discount (credit) at the end of the invoice that is manually calculated, does that apply evenly to each item or not? For example, if I sell $25 item A and $5 item B, and I give a manual discount of 20% ($6). Then I ship all of item A, but none of B. Will the balance on the order be $4 ($5 * 80%) or something else?

Thanks for answering these questions.


Line discounts work by applying a line discount % - run through an example on the Cronus demo company to see how it updates.

Adding a G/L line at the end will not affect the other lines - you can manually add a line discount % per line