how apply entry work in navision

hello to all experts

i wnat know how the apply entry work in navision , i have the certain condition can apply entry will work on this condition

suppose there are 2 invoice each of having amout 10000 now i want to pay the 10000 amount to that particular vendor by bank payment Voucher now condition is that i have to pay from both the invoice amount 5000 each , now when iam applying it it only take the one invoice of amount 10000 now can any one have any idea from where i can apply it for both the invoice and from where i can manually change the amount.

can it possibale to apply entry in posted invoice

You need to enter two lines in your payment journal and apply 5000 manually to each of your two invoices.


There is another way (from ver4 up, as I recall)

If payment is applied manually, not “Automatic” (setup in VendorCard), in the ApplyVendorEntries form column Amount to apply is editable.

By default Navision fills in full remaining amt, when you hit F9-ApplyID, but you can override it.
There is one trick, why many users do not know that this column is editable. If you simply navigate to Amt to apply and start typing, Find form pops up, as if you can not edit this field. BUT, if you hit F2-Edit or doubleclick this column, you can change the value there.

when we change the amount to apply manually than it reflect error " that the apply amount shoulb equal to remaing amunt"

and can any one has idea how to apply the entry to the posted voucher.

  • that should be either something Indian-localisation specific, or a modification.In other parts of world it works as I described earlier, allowing to spread a single payment between many invoices, and applying LESS amount than remaining to ALL of them, not only the FIFO way - first invoice(s) closed fully and only to last one to apply what remains.

Vendor Card / Balance (LCY) dropdown / VLE form opens / Functions / Apply entries.

but you need to set Apply Method = Manual in Vendor card BEFORE entering any payments, otherwise applying to oldest invoices will be done automatically upon registering a payment.