How ADCS is used for scanning purposes with NAV 2009?

The requirement is to scan items by handheld and Nav should search the item that corresponds to the scanned barcode. if its not there it throws an error.

Possibility? What interface is needed in NAV? Please explain as i never worked with ADCS before.

Hi Imran,

There are a number of possibilities of which ADCS is probably at the top of the range. ADCS is design to allow you use RF handhelds using VT emulation (i.e. ASCII character screen). It uses XML to transfer data back to the Nav system via the NAS.

You need to clarify what the actual requirements are e.g.

How many connections?

Equipment to be used?

Envoirnment to be used in?

Hi Imran,

Did you got the solution for your problem if so can you please guide me for the same issue. As this is also my requirement but i am having problems with this.

Thanks and regards.

Kamran Haider.

Hi DaveT, i will let you know once i get the details. I will keep posting here so every one would benefit. :wink: