How about an Automatic Change log

Hi Guys[:)] Need some steering in the write direction again. And were else would I be but here, to learn from the best again. A change log…[^] What I can gather from a change log according to the Navision documentation is that it details all the changes you have made for a project, telling any other developer without any ambiguity every single change/customization you have made to a Navision base version. I think which is an excellent idea for a implementation team to leave for their own support guys. I know how to make a manual change log and that works all right for me. But I keep on seeing referrals to an automatic change log. So I went and tried to find trough the documentation that I had what that was about. But with now avail I only got the following information. That one of the automatic change logs is the compare tool & the other the merge tool. Here are my questions… Are the compare & merge tools themselves the automatic change logs that you have to use and draw up your own list of difference by using there functionality? Or is there a way to actually generate a change log text file that lists the differences between two objects in a certain format? Thanks again. [;)]Much obliged for you’re help.

Hi Guys Thanks again. But a figured myself out how to generate and text based automatic change log. It actaully generates a text script that gives you the differences between two text based objects. Enjoy.