How 2 get Value entered from a webpage control

Hello All We are facing problem in retriving the value which user has keyed in on a text control added on a webpage (existing weblet “WebProductCatalogItemWebLet”) and the text control is added on the webpage through html code embedded from a axapta class. We need to known how to retrieve the value from the text control keyed by the user on the webpage and this control is added within a webpage at runtime through HTML code and its not its not a webform control. we tried to use the below piece of code assuming that since HTML 2 uses somewhat below like code to get the user keyed values on the control in the browser… [brown]below is the code which is used to create the text control on the webpage // Start str s ; s += ’ '; webSession().writeTxt(s); // END below is the code we tried to retrieve the value ones user has inputed the value in the text control and has made a hit [/brown] **// Start str getInputedsalesQty; getInputedsalesQty = enterprisePortal.currentPage(websession().getParsedParm(‘apeSalesQty’)); // note where ‘apeSalesQty’ is the text control name // End** We beleive the technique of passing data between websession using Properties (addprop for a extended data type like salesqty) comes handy when we have a value at hand and it needs to be passed between object session what we need here is to get the value from the Html text control… Hope above gives a picture as to what is the actual Issue. All Have a great day and njoy ur work Regard Deepak Shetty

Dear Deepak, Just a wild guess!! In the first part of code segment i.e. code for dynamically creating the textbox, name of textbox control is : aepquantity something and the second part of the code segment retreiving the value: name is, apequantity: i think its a typo…:-)) Thanks and Regards, Dilip