Hi How long time (approx.) will it take to prepare and install hotfix22 on a nav.30 system running on sql2000? Is there any special considerations I must think about? Cheers Marcus

Hello Marcus, This is one of those “How long is a piece of string?” questions. Assuming that you mean hotfix 22 for 3.60 (As there is no HF22 for 3.01, 3.10 or 3.70), and all previous hotfixes have been applied, then this depends entirely on how modified the system is and if the four objects in HF22 have been changed in your system: Form 415 G/L Account Balance Form 416 G/L Account Balance Lines Codeunit 22 Item Jnl.-Post Line Codeunit 5895 Inventory Adjustment If they have, then you will have to apply your changes to the new objects, otherwise you should be able to just import them. **But:**Try it on a test system first![:D] Hope this is of help.

Yes, I meant 3.60:) Thank You for Your answer. You pointed out a couple of things there I had not thought about… Cheers.

please lobo, leave this to your nsc to do, if they have modified cu22 (which is likely), you could do a lot of damage.