Hi all! We are running NA (DE)3.60.A - technically (DB still NF (DE)2.60.D) on a WinNT-Server (AOAPP99), DB-Size is 32GB (16 Files at 2GB). We have a nearly identical Server (AOAPP98) that we use as Backup-System. Now, we want to copy the 16 Files of AOAPP99 to AOAPP98 by using HotCopy: ::Backup.bat @echo off d: cd d:\programme\navision attain\database server\ hotcopy.exe source=abendsicherung.ini pause ; Abendsicherung.ini [Backup Files] f:\database\db-00.fdb=\\AOAPP98-RZ\f\database\ g:\database\db-01.fdb=\\AOAPP98-RZ\g\database\ g:\database\db-02.fdb=\\AOAPP98-RZ\g\database\ g:\database\db-03.fdb=\\AOAPP98-RZ\g\database\ h:\database\db-04.fdb=\\AOAPP98-RZ\h\database\ h:\database\db-05.fdb=\\AOAPP98-RZ\h\database\ i:\database\db-06.fdb=\\AOAPP98-RZ\i\database\ i:\database\db-07.fdb=\\AOAPP98-RZ\i\database\ j:\database\db-08.fdb=\\AOAPP98-RZ\j\database\ j:\database\db-09.fdb=\\AOAPP98-RZ\j\database\ k:\database\db-10.fdb=\\AOAPP98-RZ\k\database\ k:\database\db-11.fdb=\\AOAPP98-RZ\k\database\ l:\database\db-12.fdb=\\AOAPP98-RZ\l\database\ l:\database\db-13.fdb=\\AOAPP98-RZ\l\database\ m:\database\db-14.fdb=\\AOAPP98-RZ\m\database\ m:\database\db-15.fdb=\\AOAPP98-RZ\m\database\ [Options] description="Abendsicherung AOAPP99 nach AOAPP98" dbtest=min cc=no servername=AOAPP99-RZ user=******** password=******** osauthentication=no nettype=tcp When running Backup.bat, HotCopy ends with an ERROR:


The operating system can not gain access to the file. Check file type and attributes

[:(!] Well, the file-types are *.FDB, there are no attributes like A,R,S,H; all source and destination directories/files are “completely open”, means that any User has full access to them. We checked the connection like this (Command Shell on AOAPP99):echo Test! > \\AOAPP98-RZ\f\database\test.txt this works … Also a manual copy of FDB-files from AOAPP99 to AOAPP98 is possible.copy f:\database\db-00.fdb \\AOAPP98-RZ\f\database\ So what’s going wrong? Any ideas? Hints? Thanx in advance, Jörg [B)]

Hi Joerg, i would not recommend using hotcopy with a networkpath as a destination. We tried that and had a horrible performance and really weird behaviour of hotcopy. I would suggest a lokal destination on your server, and then, after hotcopy, you could copy your files over the network. Regards, Richard

Hi Richard! Thanx for your advice! Too bad that there’s not enough space on the server for the backup-files - yet … [:D] Know I know what went wrong:


Note If you have set up Navision Attain Database Server as a service and want Hotcopy to store the database backup on a remote computer, you must change the Log On options of the Navision Attain Database Server service. You must give the Navision Attain Database Server service the credentials of a domain user that has the appropriate rights on the remote computer and not use the default value (local system account).

I’ve read ISM-Doc a thousand times but never noticed that little paragraph [:I] So we changed the LogOn-profile of the AOAPP99-Database-Server-Service from “Localhost” to “Administrator” and … BINGO! The first “Live-Test” starts tonight … I hope the job is done within 12 hours … we’ll see … Best regards, Jörg

Hi again! The first “HotCopy”-test was successful [:D] The 32GB Database was copied within 9 hours, which is good enough for our purposes! The Backup-Server (AOAPP98) could start the “new” Databse without any problems. The “target” of all this is to create a DB - containing the data before autom. night-batch-processing - which should be “combat ready” in the morning of the next day (in case the night-batch failed!). Target reached! [^] Best regards, Jörg