Hotcopy parameter-set?

Hello everyone, I read some comments about HOTCOPY here. i didn’t know it exists. I dicoverd it here. I think its safer to use hotcopy than rather do a doscopy of the fdb-file… But how do i use this hotcopy?[?] What are the parameters that i can paste to hotcopy.exe?[^] What does this parameters mean (like “CC” and others)? What are the options of each parameters and what do the options mean (like dbtest= Min,Max,Normal) so what are the consequences of the options ?[:p] Where can i find some explenation or some manual? is it documented? Must it be a “Database user” or a “Windows user” to log on, or just as localhost. Do i use windows path like “\winserver\pathx” or do i use netpaths like “X:” (who goes to the same path)? It seams that hotcopy.exe /help or hotcopy.exe /? does not work to get some information about this.[B)] Thanks for any info about Hotcopy! Kindly regards, lieven

All necessary information can be found on the “Installation & System Management: Microsoft Business Solutions–Navision Database Server” PDF-Manual (w1w1ism.pdf) located in the Doc folder of your Product-CD. If you don’t have a Product-CD, you can download the Doc folder from:

Very easy to use : I create 2 files - Hotcopy.cmd contains that line … Some commands hotcopy.exe source=hotcopy.ini … other commands - Hotcopy.ini which contains [Backup files] r:\base\bdd01.fdb=f:\hc\r s:\base\bdd02.fdb=f:\hc\s t:\base\bdd03.fdb=f:\hc\t [Options] email=your email servername=your serveur user=user database password=user database password osathentication=no (i don’t want Windows authent.) nettype=tcp Place thess files on the database server (where hotcopy resides) use Windows Task scheduler to execute it Daily.

Hello Everyone, Thanks very much for your help and your quick responce.[:)] Kindly regards, Lieven