HotCopy error 487

Hello, We are having problems running hotcopy. Incadea Version Hotcopy-command : “D:\Applications\Navision Attain\Server Incadea\hotcopy.exe” source=“D:\Deps\Incadea\Database\incadea.fdb” destination=“d:\HotCopy” servername=incadea user=backup password=***** Windows 2003 eventlog-error : Backup started at 2005/08/22 12:47:32. List of database files to be backed up on volume d:: D:\Deps\Incadea\Database\incadea.fdb The following message came from the server. The operating system returned the error (487): Tentative d’accès à une adresse non valide. Backup ended with an error at 2005/08/22 12:47:32. Anyone an idee what could be the reason for this issue ? There is enough place on the d-drive, and their is no mistake with the user backup. Also, all attain-clients work fine …

I thought source= should be the location of the hotcopi.ini file in which all the database parameters are setup?

Hello Erik, Thx for your answer. Can you give me an example of a hotcopy.ini - file ?

Well i did a search on this forum for: hotcopy.ini