HotCopy E-mail Notification

Im now testing HotCopy to backup my database. Im running the Navision server on a Windows 2000 server environment. In my backup script using Hotcopy, I included the e-mail parameter. But after succesful backup, I received no e-mails. what are the prerequisites in order to use this function.

You need to have MAPI interface installed. If you have for example outlook express installed, that includes the MAPI interface. You need also an outgoing Simple Mail Transport Protocol service provider. Check the MAPI provider on the machine used for hotcopy. If you have one installed the mails should be in the default out folder(Outbox). Regards Kalman

I already setup Outlook Express in my Navision Server but still the e-mail notification seems like not working. Is there any detailed info on this.

I did this on an NT4-server. I found that it wasn’t Outlook that was the thing we needed. Instead I installed Windows messaging which is an standard component in NT4 and configured a profile in the Control Panel. One problem we have discovered is that we must have the Windows Messaging Application running to get the notification working. In other words we need to have the server logged on as a user. //Lars

Lars is basicaly right, but I would still say that if one could sent a mail from a machine, it would be able to do so using hotcopy too. Outlook is just a MAPI provider it is not needed if other MAPI providers exist. As I mentioned before hotcopy relies on the MAPI interface to send mails. To be sure that the MAPI interface is installed one should check HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Messaging Subsystem for the MAPIX value. If that is 1 then the MAPI interface is installed. In order that the MAPI interface to work one needs the Messaging subsytem to be loaded and configured. The loading is usually done by the logon process that loads the MAPI32.dll that encapsulates the Messaging Subsystem. Configuration should be done through the particular MAPI provider. Regards Kalman

When we first tried HotCopy we had Outlook installed and a mail account configured in Outlook, but the notification did not work. It was first when I configured an Messaging profile in the Control Panel that the notification started to work. It’s a problem though that the console needs to be logged in. Another problem we have seen is that the HotCopy Process doesn’t terminate until the notification has been sent. That means that if You have problems with Your ISP or internet connection or of some other reason can’t send the notification to the SMTP-server, the HotCopy Process won’t end and will occupy one session for each attempt. //Lars

Does it wait indefinitely, or it releases the process after a timeout? The interesting thing is that as far as I know hotcopy does not wait for the delivery of the mail. It just submits the message to the MAPI provider’s default outbox. There is one more thing. When hotcopy was released it used the Common Messaging Call (CMC) interface for mailing. That was trying to send the mail directly. That has been changed for version 3.01 B to use MAPI, because Microsoft has disabled CMC with Outlook XP for security reasons. Regards Kalman