HotCopy Backup Error

Hi, I am trying to setup a HotCopy backup job using a backup description file and have the [Backup Files] section as follows : [Backup Files] \deitdevelopsrv\Development Work\Navision\My DB\nav.fdb=\deitdevelopsrv\Development Work\Navision\My DB\Backup When attempting to run I get the following error : Backup Tool for Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision version 3.70 Copyright (c) 1987-2003 Microsoft Business Solutions ApS. Backup started at 2005/08/19 14:00:36. Free space on the destination volume \deitdevelopsrv\Development Work\ is 58320 96 KB. Total size of database files is 1500000 KB. List of database files to be backed up on volume \deitdevelopsrv\Development Wo rk: \deitdevelopsrv\Development Work\Navision\My DB\nav.fdb List of backup files for volume \deitdevelopsrv\Development Work: \deitdevelopsrv\Development Work\Navision\My DB\Backup \nav.fdb The following message came from the server. The operating system cannot gain access to the file . Please check that the file type and attributes are correct. Backup ended with an error at 2005/08/19 14:00:37. I suspect it is something to do with spaces in the folder names but I have tried using quotes with no luck. Any ideas? Any help appreciated, Jonathan

Hello, Just to let you know I’ve now solved the problem by using the drive letter rather than the UNC notation, i.e. E:\Development Work\Navision\My DB\nav.fdb Jonathan