Hot Fix 23 (3.60) Screen flicker on Citrix

In topic Robert Cinkaid makes reference to 3.60 “Hotfix 23 - Screen flicker esp. on Citrix”. Does anyone have any more detailed information on this part of the Hotfix? [We have an intermittent screen flicker problem of sorts on Citrix clients, but until reading this, I have not considered any link with Navision.]

We had the Screen flicker problem too … where can i download this hotfix?

What kind of flicker do you get?

The flicker we are experiencing is on the Novell Client for Windows screen. We have a window’s policy that automatically locks screens after 5 minutes of inactivity. The screen then flickers and the user cannot get access to the screen via the keyboard. That is why I’m asking for more information, as this may be nothing to do with the hot fix.

The problem is one of in-efficiency in painting controls, and it is in the Navision (Attain) client - it is not a problem outside of the client application. When only a single control on a form needs to be repainted, instead all controls are. This occurs regardless of weather the client is running on Citrix, but is not noticeable on a standard desktop. John, it doesn’t sound like the problem you have.

Robert, many thanks for your response. I think you are right we have a different issue.