hopping between controls

in a form there is the propertie “next control” to show the system which control to activate after leaving the actual control by pressing enter or tab. But what if i want to go backwards by pressing + ? The cursor is hopping through the controls without system. How can i affect this way of cursor-hopping ? Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst

I just copied this from the Navision Help: -----8<–8<–8<–8<–8<–8<–8<–8<–8<–8<----- Use this property to tell the system on which control it should place focus when the user leaves this control. The user leaves this control by pressing TAB or ENTER. Applies to Command buttons, menu buttons, check boxes, option boxes, text boxes, picture boxes, indicators, subforms Comments On a card form, the system moves from top to bottom, left to right by default. On a tabular form, the system moves from left to right, top to bottom by default. If you press SHIFT+TAB you reverse the order. In a tab control, after it reaches the end of the page, it moves to the next page of tab control. See also AutoEnter. -----8<–8<–8<–8<–8<–8<–8<–8<–8<–8<----- Based on that, I would think, that it uses an unseen variable “PreviusControl”. If it do not work, try setting NextControl on the Control prior to the one, you want it to go back to. (Are You getting this :slight_smile: ). But, You also sometimes see, that two or more controls, have the same NextControl - Then what?? - Maby, this is where You are having the problem. /Henrik Helgesen

Stefan, There is not a property like PreviousControl. The SHIFT + TAB that is mentioned in the helpfile only relates to regular forms where no NextControl is used. There is a workaround to do it anyway. Place a tiny textbox above the textbox, which should have the PreviousControl property, and put the following code in the OnActivate trigger: CurrForm.FieldName.ACTIVATE; To finish it set the properties: Backtransparant = Yes Border = No SourceExpr = ‘’ Be sure you want to use it because the form behaves ‘strange’ in the eyes of the users. When they click their mouse near the tiny textbox the focus will jump to the defined PreviousControl. Reijer.

The tabsequence is following the control ID numbers. For forward tabbing you override this with the NextControl property, for backward tabbing you can’t. So, in case the tab sequence is important, you could renumber the controls to get them in the desired order. John