Home page or Role Center for AX 2009


I want to activate role center home page at local client.

I am not using enterprise portal. How can I configure Role Center without using Enterprise Portal.

My basic requirement is that I want to create dashboard for various KPI and reports graphs etc.

Now In AX Installation there is role center and EP installation check box. Will this install homepage at AX client?

Is it mandatory to buy EP Licence to use Role Center?

If someone can help me this would be great

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Without EP you cannot have Role centers - role centers works on the Enterprise portal framework.

You need to install the EP framework and requires components for Role centers - refer installation guide for more help.

As per my knowledge you will get EP frame work as default - you no need to purchase it again - but for functionalities in EP you need to have license - that means for different roles - example Employee role , customer role , sales person role etc.

hi kranti…

Its necessary to install the Role centre and EP at client also.


You don’t need to install anything on client. EP / RC are essentially server components.

Thanks Harish.

actually Home page is shown on my server PC and the website is also running fine,

but home page is shown with error on client AX.

its shown this error message…

An error has occurred. Contact your administrator for further assistance.

Refresh Role Center | Close Role Center

plz help me to come out of this problem…



Have you tried refreshing role centers?

If this doesn’t work, try resetting user options (Administration > Users > User options)

Hello Harish,

i am try this but it cant solve my problem…

still the home page is shows the error.

its any thing i am missing of selecting on server or any thing to installed on client.


HI Khan,

Refer the link http://geekswithblogs.net/ssmantha/Default.aspx

Naresh Kolli

Hai Khan,

Ru working on VPC. i strongly belive this problem is coming from ip address.i hope u changed the ip address of the vpc.

Kai Khan,

i just got onelink for this ip address. if u want use it.but u need C/S or P/S Login.


Dear All,

i want to configure “Packing slip” as default in Quantity drop down button, when i make Invoice. is there any to set default as “pakcing slip” when i post Invoice. kindly help me.