Team, Can I will be guided the meaning of “Holdback” in Job Planning Line and it should be recognized or not? Please advice.


Can you just more descriptive ?

Hello Amol, in Job costing for any Job # there are task planning lines with different task names like shipment,usage etc , another taskline in the name Holdback . When we calculate WIP for the job we don’t consider the holdback . I just want to know what exacly this holdback is and in what scenerio we consider holdback.

Are you refering to a particular field in Job Planning Lines?

There is no field ‘Holdback’ field in Job Planning line. I think it is customized field .Kindly check with partner.

Can you just let us know what is field no ??

It might be a customized one but in task no 9924 as desription “Holdback” in JOB PLANNING LINE.

If Hold Back is in description then you need to ask the end user who is entering the details for job planning line. Kindly check with your end user as It is not a standard field.