Ho to create enum with numbe

Hello All,

I have requirement that I need to create enum with values as ex. 1-10, 11-20, 21-30…
When I created enum, added the value and the properties for value is name and Label .

I have given label as 1-10 but when give the name as 1-10 system not allowing the numbers as a name. Hence given the name as ABC

So when add the field in form and when we select the value for Enum is appearing the label(1-10) value in dropdown.

The problem is when I export the data from DMF the value for enum is exporting as ABC not 1-10.

My requirement is that I need to import value for the same enum and my client can provide the value as 1-10…How Can I achieve this?

Pls suggest

1-10 is indeed not a valid enum element name (it can only start with a letter or an underscore).
If you receive such invalid data from another system and you can’t change that, you’ll need to transform it to element names used by your enum.
By the way, which version of AX are you taking about? (Next time, please add a version tag, such as AX 2012 or D365FO.)