Ho good is NAV career

Hi all

I am seriously considering the NAV career as Techno-Functional resource. I know that understanding and adopting NAV will be an easy (Not too difficult) for me with my 20+ years experience in business management and 10+ years in creating business solutions with Microsoft technologies and thorough understanding of ERP systems. I also started going through NAV documentation understanding most of it in all functional areas including manufacturing

My question?

Am i in right direction to earn some money through this initiative/career or just ill end up ith enhancement of my knowledge.

Hi Ramakrishna,

I believe that the Dynamics NAV domain has ample space for skilled, qualified technical resources. Also, like any other market, salaries are generally related to skill and experience. I have had colleagues with a great deal of technical experience break into the NAV techno-functional market and earn impressive incomes over time. I also don’t know anyone who ever took their brand new NAV Development certifications straight into a six-figure income. In the end, I think you risk tolerance will have as much to do with your choice as it would for anyone else.

Other factors to consider would include the geographic location from which you intend to work, and that of the market you intend to serve, as well as would your preference for working as a contractor vs as an employee, and whether you’d prefer to work for a NAV consulting firm or an end user. All of those variables produce different economic conditions.

Hope that’s helpful.