History in Investment Table

Hello every one. We use NAV presently to process our investment transactions. For instance, i invest $100 dollars from 1/6/2013 to mature on 28/6/2013. i.e 28days. I have discovered that if this transaction is rolled over for another 28days to run from 29/6/2013 to 26/7/2013, we lose track of the first record. The Investment record replaces the old record without keeping tap of the history. I was told that Navision may have capacity to track the cumulative amount of days for which an investment has been running but hte challenge here is that if in the month of July i am asked to present a report on maturities in the month of June, all records of this nature,(roll overall within that month will not be captured. The system begins to view them in the light of the new maturity date after roll over).

This for me a major issue as we have had to be rely heavily on manually kept registers.The inability to keep history on records, appears to be limiting the reporting capability of Navision. For instance, we have been having difficulty getting an interest expense or interest income schedule straight from Navision. that can show principal rate, tenor, rate and every detail that produced an interest expense or income. While such tables are available at the end of month generation, the ones charged in the middle of the month are not available and because of this lack if history, reports that were designed to assist in extracting this information seems to fall short in primarily one area: roll over investments and their history are missing in such reports.

How best can we go about this? Or is there anything we are missing?

Please advise.

Hi Taya,

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Navision doesn’t have any standard Investment Management functionality. So either this is customized functionality or an add-on. But in any case I don’t think you will find anyone here who is able to answer your question, without knowing your system. So may I suggest that you contact the company where you purchased this solution. Otherwise you might have to wait for a very long time to get an answer you can use for something.

Here on DUG you can ask more general and specific questions about standard functionality, about how to develop new or change existing functionality and problems in regards to installation/setup etc. But in regards to questions which are specific to your customized functionality, then you have to be really specific and use general terms at the same time.

Have a great day!