Historic Production Orders in Axapta

Hi All, I´m new to this forum, so nice to meet all of you. I hope I can contribute in the future in the forum. My question is: what tables should I have in mind in order to define a data import if I want to create an archive of production orders? Imagine I have some 1000 historic (closed) production orders from the old system I want to translate into Axapta, in order to access that information in Axapta for statistical reasons. Which tables should I consider to import data into?.. I hope the question is not too generic… if so, just let me know… Thanx in advance. Regards.

Welcome to the forum Axapter - you may want to change your user name or is it just a unlucky coincedence? I guess it depends exactly what data, BOM info? costing info? etc. All the tables are in the AOT starting prodxxx. To be honest, my view on this would be don’t bother. It is unlikely that the integrity of the data will be very good, transactions may not have audit trail references etc because the transactions will not have been posted within Axapta. In general, placing closed transactions of any kind into a new system tends to cause pain and problems that don’t justify the end game. Keep your new system clean and build up a new history - you can always drop back into your old system if you need a historical record. Just one view… best regards,

Thanx for your quick response, Adam!! The problem is that it doesn´t depend on me… our customer just wants to do it. I´m trying to find a workaround for it, but in the meantime I have found out most of the tables involved in what they want to keep as history… Thans again for your response, kind regards…