Hire new worker button disabled

Hi all,

Here is an issue regarding the Human Resourse module. I am going to create a new employee in the Employee master in HR module but after filling all the details like name, Legal entity etc, I found that ‘Hire new worker’ button is disabled.

Any help for sorting the problem out is highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

Parashar Banerjee.


once check the employement start date and end date , end date should greater then start date.



Hi Phani,

I have given the end date to never but still its not working.

Thanks & Regards,

Parashar Banerjee.

Run the number sequence wizard.

Yep Amad…

It worked after running the No. sequence. Thanks a lot for the help.

Thanks & Regards,

Parashar Banerjee.

Hi Adam,

wht do u mean by running sequence wizard? It’s ruining for me … did u mean i have to create another number sequence through wizards.

Many thanks in advance.


Organization administration → Number sequence → Generate

Hi Krishna,

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply, Actually i know how to do this scenario but my qstn is how to make the hire new worker Button enabled even if it has it’s own sequence number…

I think the button has NeededPermission set to Create

Make sure that user has permission to do the operation also refer below links.



Many thaaaanks for your prompt reply Krishna [:)]

Hi Krishna,

I resolved the issue yesterday by deleting the pending records in Status List for the personnel number number sequence , and also applying the manual clean up in the number sequence form.
But unfortunately the issue returned after a while, i believe it’s not a permission issue, is there anything can i do to fix this issue permanently.