hiii ,

m trying to use Rename Function in Navision But m unable to change the key…

please Explain me with eg.


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may I know what did you try and what is not working?


i have used this

IF LTADEtails.GET(LTADEtails.“Entry No.”) THEN
LTADEtails.RENAME(LTADEtails.“Employee No”);

bt m unable to see any changes in table.

Where did you write and what exactly is your requirement?

Your logic doesn’t make any sense. You did a get from LTADEtails with the same table (LTADEtailes) “Entry No.”. If you already had the proper record in LTADEtails, you didn’t need the get at all and if not, then the get doesn’t do anything.

Both the Get and the Rename would need the key. Is “Entry No.” or “Employee No.” your key? If Entry No is your key, did you intend to make the entry number = the employee no.?