Highlighting the cursor/pointer

Hello guys, Is it possible in Navision to highlight the cursor when finding the Item? What I mean by highlighting here is like when you select one record in the Item List then the darker background color will highlight the selected record. We try to do the same concept but for searching the items. We have thousands of similar item codes with similar name; the highlighted record when you type the Item Code, will help the User to select the correct item and reduce the human error. Thank you for the help! Panca

You can’t change the background color of the controls dynamicaly, but you can change the “forecolor” and “fontbold”. E. g. “highlight” your items by changing the “description” to "description"

I did that Timo but it doesn’t help reducing the human error. If the pointer is highlighted when you are selecting the record, I thought there is must be a way to do the same thing but for searching the item. Is there any other tricks that I could try? [?] Thanks.

… instead of “searching” for the item, you could rather “filter” for the items, e.g. adding a filter field on top of the form. This will narrow the list of available items and might help that user select the correct one. Saludos Nils

Nils, That’s exactly what the user is currently doing but they are still having a hard time to filter out by item codes, it’s really time consuming. They said the highlighted record could make them more focus on the item that they are looking for. My suggestion to them is not to filter the data by the item code but do it by item description and check on the check box “find as you type”. This solution at least helping them from dealing with the complicated item codes. I am also suggesting the factory to simplify the item codes but unfortunately, they said, each digit of the item code represents their own purpose such as color, size, thickness, and etc. and they could not be simplified. It’s really challenge my curiousity to solve this problem. So, Nils, there is no way then to have this “make up” modification? FYI, below are the sample of the item codes that I am talking about. I could imagine the headache myself if I am the User. L1210181211W L1210181221I L1210181221I-T L1210181221W L1210181221W-T L1210261311I L1210261311W L1210261321W-T L1210331411I L1210331411I-T L1210331411W L1210331421W-T L1210411511I L1210411511W L1210411521W-T L1210491611I L1210491611W L1210491621W-T L1210571711I L1210571711W L1210571721W-T L1210651811I L1210651811W L1210651821W-T L1210731911I L1210731911W

Panco why wont Timo’s solution work for you?

David, What I am trying to do is reducing the human error. Timo’s suggestion to change the field to be bold is not helping us to reduce the human error.

Due to the case similarity, I am also waiting the answer from the experts in this forum to help. Zen

Just a couple of thoughts… I was just looking at these list of really “hard-to-read” item codes and maybe by adding some kind of seperators like dots (.), slash (-) or dashes (-) you could make them more readable, so that the users don’t mix up the positions and codes. Looking for a “solution by code” in that circumstance looks really difficult. Maybe you could also add some non-editable text boxes that “explain” the different positions and code in text, so that the users can check against theses written indications. Saludos Nils

Maybe you could add extra fields to the item-table and split the Item No. into these fields (and perhaps a key). This may make it easier to search as the user searches one level at the time.

If each digit of the code represents something could you not put some filter selections at the top of the form that will then filter the item list i.e. colour = ; Size = ; Thickness =

We were in a similer position. We started (way back when) creating “descriptive” item numbers. As above it eventually got out of hand. But instead of changing every item# we started using “No. 2”. In Item “No. 2” we entered simpler 5 digit codes. With a bit of coding we were able to enter either/or “No.” or “No.2” into orders (the 5 digit codes drasticallty speeding up the process!) & Where needed (ie/ reports n such) we could print “No.”, “No.2” or both if needed. ps/ if one of the parameters of the item # is color couldn’t you use Timo’s solution and make the item # show as the product’s actual Color. therefore at least narrowing the potential of error. (even if it’s a little bit it’s better than nothing).

I was trying different ways to help them out and the best solution that I could offer so far is asking them to do not find the item by item code but by item description (Eventhough they have to type a bit longer). The problem it looks easy but it makes a big impact from the error that created, that is why is bugging me to solve the problem. The Customer Service Manager who requested this modification was questioning me about Navision capability since she was not experiencing this issue in her previous system. I am kind of miserable myself if eventually I should tell her Navision could not do that. So, the conclusion and the answer is impossible to have this modification? If YES, I would like to close the subject. Thanks.

I have to confess that reading this topic over and over again, I understand neither how the users are searching for items nor where and how you need to highlight the background. Therefore, I am going out on a limb and ask if you have already tried the UPDATESELECTED funtion. This will turn the background color of a field to blue (or whatever highlight color is defined in Windows). Couple this with some logic and you should achieve what you are trying to do. Shouldn’t you?..

I was assuming that he was trying to cycle through a List Form and have the current record highlighted (as if you clicked the Record Selection on the left). In this case, UPDATESELECTED doesn’t work too well for a TableBox.

Nelson, the reply from chrisk is exactly what I am trying to do. Chrisk, could you please explain more detail why UPDATESELECTED doesn’t work too well for a TableBox? If there is no other way, then I am going to utilize the suggestion from savatage99. The idea is pretty refreshing. What I need to do now is designing the concept of the field “No. 2” that could easily inform the User the corresponding between “No. 2” and “No.”. Thanks.

If you are thinking about using “No .2” ,somehow, I would only add that you REALLY think about how you want the new code to be. So it can handle your situation today and it’s flexable enough for years down the road. ----Backgound… This solution was easy because at the time we were switching from Macola to Navision and nothing was set in stone yet (for Navision). We decided to keep our old items numbers in the system purely for the fact that we have 2 huge warehouses and to re-label every item on every shelf would have been a huge undertaking.

I do understand that and I need to spend some times to design the new code base on the item coding’s concept that we are currently having to get the correspondence from “No. 2” to “No.” Even though I am not satify by knowing that Navision doesn’t has the capability but you guys are awesome. Thank you.