Highlighting an item as obsolete or stopped in lookups

We are defining a process for making items obsolete.

Changing the stopped flag in the default order settings stops the item from being ordered but it still appears in drop down lookups on sales order entry and purchase order entry screens so can be selected. The stopped flag stops the order line being processed but it would be better if the item could be supressed or highlighted as stopped.

Has anyone else come up with a good way of either highlighting or supressing obsolete items?

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AX 2012 CU3.

Hi Paul

I would get a developer to alter the inherent lookup to only return items not on sales stop.

Thanks for the feedback Adam, it is appreciated. I’ll consider the modification as suggested.

Just wanted to make sure I’m not missing any standard functionality that would acheive this.

If anyone has come up with a solution or work around for this using standard functionality let me know.

In JDE we used attaching a “flash message” to the obsolete items which highlighted in the item listings. The message was not specifically for obsolete items but worked well in conjunction with changing the item’s status to obsolete.

Regards, Paul.

The “equivalent” would be to alter the description/search description to “OBSOLETE ITEM”. You could define a filter potentially, but you would need to apply it every time you opened the forms.

Thanks Adam,

Adding OBS to front of search description is an option I have considered. Lookup for purchasing/procurement shows this field so would work for that. Adding the !OBS filter may be a pain but probably wouldn’t be required as long as the search description showed the item was not current.

The search description is not available on the item lookup for sales ordering so would need to change description which needs to stay the same as used for reporting things such as historical information elsewhere in system and in BI reporting. Modifying the sales order lookup to include search description is probably justifyable though and there may be a hot fix out there for it not being on the lookup as the product name that does display cannot be filtered on.

Regards, Paul.

As standard out of the box it IS the search name on the sales ordering item lookup when selecting a new item.

That’s interesting Adam. On our “sandbox” system installed late 2011 which has no cumulative updates applied I can see search name shows in the lookup but this is not the case in our CU3 environments.

We get Item Number, Item Type and Product Name but like I say there is likely to be a fix out there for this unless it is something unique to our system. I’ll log a support call for this.



Had a look further at this and the lookup displaying relates to a modification that was implemented at same time as CU3 update.

I’ll get this sorted so item search name displays and work with changing “stopped” flags and adding “OBS” to start of the search name for obsolete items as our process.

Regards, Paul.

Glad you got there [:D]

Thanks for your assistance Adam.