Hiding Unwanted Chart Of Accounts in AX 2012 R2

Dear All,

Good morning,

My clients are asking me to hide some range of unwanted account in the front end may i know how it can be done.



Could you be a bit more specific? It seems that you want to hide main accounts, not charts of accounts, right? Where do you want to hide them? How will you specify what to hide? I wouldn’t have had all these questions if you explained the problem in sufficient details.

Hi Martin,

first of all thanks a lot for the Reply.

My question is:

There are some ranges of Chart of accounts(Main accounts ) in test company which end user don’t want see the at the front end so i want to hide them from the front end and vendor groups too …



You basically repeated the same thing. Let me ask once more:

Don’t you feel that “front end” is extremely wide term? Where exactly you want to hide main accounts? In the chart of accounts form? Or in all segmented controls where you’re defining dimension combinations? Or somewhere else?

How will you specify what to hide?

The thing is that there is a drop down at AP–>All Vendors–>New Vendor–>Vend Group

In drop down is having arround 1…10 vendor groups and i need to hide in a range from 7…9.

these 7,8,9 group ids should not display in a drop down.

how to proceed???

Vendor group dropdown directly comes due to VendGroupId EDT . If you want to hide some values,you might need to use custom lookups according to your requirement.