Hiding one of tabs in the tabcontrol of sales order

Dear All,
I would like to hide one of tabs available in the sales order, for example tab shipping. I know the field in the tab can be hide manually one by one using visible set to no in the properties of each field. I am wondering maybe the tab can be hide to avoid manually one by one process. I think it maybe need a coding, but I don’t know it. I appreciate your help. tku


There is a trick to hide all controls at once, but there is no chance to hide the complete tab.

The trick is to put a frame on the form and place the controls in that frame (be careful, first move all controls out of the form then place the frame, resize it and move the controls back into the frame).

Then you can just show/hide the frame and with that hide all controls in that frame.

I agree with Thomas on that one.

There is no chance to hide a complete tab…but Thomas I have a question for you though.

I try to delete the , not standard Tab but one custom on a custom form…and it was tab 3 which I wantedto delete and total there were 6 tabs… but when I tried to delete it after deleteing all the conrols on that tab, most of my controls from succeding tab moved to tab 3 and it was weired as i couldn’t even selct the controls on tab 3 that appeared after I even deleted the exisiting ones for tab 3…

Hopefully I have not confused you…

Thanks in advance.


Navision references the tabs by number, not by name:

So you need to remove the controls from the tab you want to get rid of.

Next step is to move all controls from the next tab to the empty tab. Then move all tabs from the next behind that to the one cleared before. Basically move all following controls one tab back. Then delete teh tab name from the list.


Tabs: General,Invoicing,Shipping,Foreign Trade,Statistics and you want to get rid of the “Shipping” tab.

Remove all from Shipping
Move Foreign Trade Controls to Shipping
Move Statistics to Foreign Trade
Last remove the “Shipping” from the tab control names.

Thanks for the confirmation Thomas!!