Hiding gridlines in a tablebox control

Does anybody know of a property or method by which you can hide the grid lines in a table box control? Thanks, Chris.

Couldn’t find a property for that. Neither does CurrForm.TableBoxName.ShowGridLines(FALSE) exist. May I ask why you want to do that?

There was a trick for this. somewhere on this forum. You need to export to a txt file and change the controltype.

Mark, I searched and searched, but didn’t find anything… Neither on mibuso… It’s a bit akward that you can change something in the .txt file and not in Navision. [?] I hope this doesn’t occur often; “.txt-properties” [:)]

Trust me it is possible I’ll look it up as soon as I can find the time. ([:(]) Maybe meanwhile someone else (david) knows what I am talking about…

I want to do this for cosmetic reasons… the user does not type anything in the grid but it is populated in code by buttons they hit elsewhere on the form. I have taken Marqs suggestion and looked at the text version of a simple list form object. Nothing seems obvious in the list of properties but here it is in case it jogs anyones memory… OBJECT Form 60000 List Form { OBJECT-PROPERTIES { Date=10/01/06; Time=16:51:02; Modified=Yes; Version List=; } PROPERTIES { Width=9790; Height=6710; TableBoxID=1000000000; SourceTable=Table18; } CONTROLS { { 1000000000;TableBox;220 ;220 ;9350 ;5500 ;HorzGlue=Both; VertGlue=Both } { 1000000001;TextBox;0 ;0 ;4400 ;0 ;HorzGlue=Both; ParentControl=1000000000; InColumn=Yes; SourceExpr=Name } { 1000000002;Label ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;ParentControl=1000000001; InColumnHeading=Yes } { 1000000003;CommandButton;2530;5940;2200;550; HorzGlue=Right; VertGlue=Bottom; Default=Yes; PushAction=LookupOK; InvalidActionAppearance=Hide } { 1000000004;CommandButton;4950;5940;2200;550; HorzGlue=Right; VertGlue=Bottom; Cancel=Yes; PushAction=LookupCancel; InvalidActionAppearance=Hide } { 1000000005;CommandButton;7370;5940;2200;550; HorzGlue=Right; VertGlue=Bottom; PushAction=FormHelp } } CODE { BEGIN END. } }

I am doing this by heart Try changing tablebox to listbox and import the form

That would be a quite dangerous way to go, nobody knows how long this would work as the listbox is an unsopported feature.

Probably as long as the ‘old’ client is supported. When we will have the new dynamics client the front-end possibilities will be increased and you won;t need this anymore.

Good memory Mark… It works exactly as you suggest. Regarding the client compatability for this I tested it on finsql.exe for v4 sp 1. Thanks for the help, Chris.

This has been possible for ages. So I don’t think they will remove this from the future c/al clients. But if they do, you just simply use the good old tablebox.