Hiding calculated field using Security keys

I am new to Dynamics and I have a requirement to hide calculated fields in a form using security keys.

will it be possible to achieve, without changing any AOT objects?

Yes - it is possible.

Hi Kranthi,

can you Please let me know the process to hide calculated field without changing any AOT objects.

I have a calculated field in form. I want to hide this calculated field for some users. I should achieve this without updating the form.

Thanks in advance


without changing any AOT objects?

Sorry It is not possible to do it without doing any changes to AOT.

without changing any AOT objects? means

without changing the form or its corresponding tables.

As you said previously, I hope it is not possible to achive this.

Hi ,## I think it’s possible by using security keys under the Administration > >## ##

As the field is a calculated field, Table fields security key cannot affect the permissions.


You can set security key on form calculated field itself ,it may resolve your problem.

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Hi Reyaz,

This is the easiest way to achieve the goal. But I dont want to change the form.



Without changing AOT objects you cannot do this.

Hi Sasi,

Hope this gives you the answer you are looking for - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa658897.aspx

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