Hiding and enabling column in a form in ax 2012

Hi Friends,

Please help me with this scenario…

I have two forms…

Form A has 4 fields

Form B has only a check box

Now when I enable the check the 4 columns in Form A is displayed and if I disable the check it displays only one column in Form A

please help me friends…!

Please elaborate your requirement with more details…

To put it in simple words…

When I enable the check box in one form, it shows all the column in another form and if I disable the same checkbox, it hides certain column in the previously enabled form…

Hi Martin,

You can try to enable the form A’s fields in the method Form A.init() on the condition that FormB.CheckBox = Yes. The data Yes/No would be saved in table , so you code should look like:



Select yesNo from TableB;

if(yesNo field == NoYes::Yes


Form A control 1.Enabled(true);

…so on



In Design properties ,Keep these fields as diabled by default .