Hiding all Parameter forms in AX modules - AX Security


I have a requirement to create a role which can access all AX functionality except Setup > Parameter forms in all AX modules.

For this I have created a new role with all available duties under Security>Duty. Now to hide parameter forms is the Question.This can be achieved from finding all duties which have Parameter forms privileges and create new duties excluding those parameter form privileges and reassign duties to the role. How ever this is very tedious. Override permissions doesn’t help.

Any other possibility ? Thanks in advance

What’s the purpose of such a role? It sounds suspicious.

Who should have access to all modules? And why do you exclude forms called “Parameters” and not other parameter tables and forms?

This role purpose is to enter Master data only into Ax. Should not be able to modify/view only Parameters forms in the setup sections i.e. Accounts receivable > Setup > Account receivable parameters menu item and like wise for all the modules.