Hide Specific String Record in Grid

Hi Everyone …I want to hide Specific String Record in Grid Form … i used Executed Query To Hide That Record But i want to Hide That filter which i applied [moved from the title by moderator]

I don’t really understand either your description or your image, but if you want to hide a query range, you can set it as hidden.

QueryBuildRange range = ...

but sir i want to also filter other record in that field …by using Rangestatus hidden i can not filter other record…i Want to hide that filter which i applied already and also filter another record…in that field…?

If you call addRange() twice, you’ll create two ranges. You can hide one of them and leave the other visible.

sir if i hide one of them then i can not make filter for another record in that field…beacuse the filter was disable

I think you can. Please try Options > Advanced Filter/Sort.